General Education Mission and Goals
The mission of General Education at MCU is duplicated from MCU mission: providing an educational setting which attends to all students with parental care, support and guidance. Core Competencies, literary to develop humanistic literacy, civic literacy, and environment literacy.

The Goals of General Education at MCU is to reinforce basic competencies, to strengthen critical thinking and innovation, to cultivate appreciation for the humanities, and to cultivate outstanding citizens who will engage in lifelong learning, participate in society honorably and responsibly, care for others, and value our natural environment.

To clarify the themes of our goals, goals are explained in detail as follows,
Reinforce Basic Competencies
Strengthen basic competencies in Mandarin and foreign languages, as well as applied information technology, familiarize learners with world cultures; establish a foundation for university education and lifelong learning.
Strengthen critical thinking and Innovation
Strengthen the integration of the humanities and natural sciences to broaden learners’ knowledge base; cultivate competencies in problem-solving and independent thinking through discovering, defining and solving problems.
Cultivate Appreciation for the Humanities
Enhance cultural refinement and promote spiritual growth; nurture a respect for the natural world and a concern for society that encompasses self-restraint, aesthetic appreciation, value of life, and ecological awareness.
Nurture Outstanding Citizens
Nurture sound citizens with the requisite knowledge, sensibilities, morals, attitudes, values and abilities; nurture individuals who seek to respect individual rights under the law, comprehend media messages, promote gender rights, behave ethically in their professions, pursue sustainable development, and broaden their world views.


Core Competencies consisting of 4-item abilities and 3-item literacy

  1. Ability in multiple languages, cultures and communication
  2. Ability to manipulate technology information
  3. Ability to think independently, critically and creatively
  4. Ability to integrate and execute knowledge and action
  5. Humanistic literacy
  6. Civic literacy
  7. Environment literacy