Brief Introduction


The Course design at Center for General Education, Ming Chuan University is divided into formal courses, informal courses, and hidden courses. In formal courses, there are “Foundation Courses” (16 credit units) and “General Education Electives” (12 credit units). The Foundation Courses include “Information Technology” (4 credit units), “Chinese Literature” (4 credit units), “Applied English” (8 credit units), “Exercise and Health”, (Physical Education, 0 credit unit), and “Service Learning” (0 credit unit).

The General Education Elective courses are also divided into three fields: humanities, social science, and natural science. In each field, each student is required to take both 2-credit unit on core and elective courses. The informal courses include cultural hall touring, reading club, and theater visiting …etc. The hidden courses include literary and fine-art exhibition activity, visit & interview, competition activity, organization activity and volunteer activity.