Student Research/Learning Outcomes

Student Research/Learning Outcomes can be seen on our website in Chinese. The most recent Student Learning/Research Outcomes are shown through the link below.

In summary, outstanding term papers and reports are selected from various General Education courses in order to encourage students who have performed excellently in class. The General Education Center holds an annual competition, encouraging students to enter the past semester’s work which will undergo a thorough review by the judging panel for awards selection. Respected scholars from academia are invited to be part of the judging panel and review student works. Students can choose one of the following divisions to compete in: Humanity, Society, and Science. Since the General Education Center offers over more than 50 different courses, with a total of 200 different classes each semester, this competition is highly competitive. It is a great honor for those students who won an award in the contest.


Teaching Excellence Projects, awarded by the Ministry of Education, are also an important part of the General Education Center’s efforts to encourage student participation and strengthen learning motivation. With the monetary subsidies from the Ministry of Education, many of our General Education courses guide students to explore the local cultures, as well as special issues in history and social science. Furthermore, with the rising awareness of environmental protection, environmental problem-solving activities or action-oriented designs are integrated into many different courses. Courses offered by MCU General Education Center are designed to combine important topics of our times while establishing a fundamental base for knowledge learning. By focusing on this objective, we believe that our students will be able to maximize and put their knowledge into use.