Teaching and Administrative Resources

I. Human resources

Center for General Education has one director, 13 full-time faculty members, one secretary and several part-time students working in the Center. All full-time faculty members are highly supportive and involved in all the activities held by Center for General Education.

The Center for General Education also has very strong and outstanding adjunct faculty members who offer a huge selection of different courses. Faculty assigned from other units and departments of MCU also extend their teaching to General Ed courses to and offer professional instruction and share knowledge with students.


II. Financial resources

The budget of the Center for General Education is strongly supported by MCU. Two academic conferences are held every year. Books and other teaching materials are purchased by MCU Library upon request by faculty members.


III. Books and equipment

Library services are provided to students at all MCU locations, with access to the physical and digital collections arranged by dedicated staff. Three library facilities are located at Taipei, Taoyuan, and Kinmen with more than 300,000 volumes, plus 1800 journals and periodicals, primarily in Chinese, English and Japanese. There are more than 800 seats in Taipei Campus Library and 500 in Taoyuan Campus Library, with more than 1000 online computers. The university is widely and highly computerized with easy access for academic, administrative and communication purposes.